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What is Hubble.golf?

Hubble.golf is the authoritative source for the aspiring professional golfer. "All things golf!"

My Contributions

Core Application

Planning a professional season.

Flow chart showing filters for a golfer based on profession.

Matching Players with Tournaments

By separating professional events, we were able to bring map filtering capabilities to golfers. Significantly saving time for when planning a season.

Displaying Information Meaningfully

Our main feature was listing our events chronologically and pointing to them on an interactive map. That way travel could be taken into account when planning.

Picture of a map with pins for golf tournaments.
Picture of event windows displaying information about them.

Saving Events for the Season

Most importantly we gave golfers a way to save their tournaments to look back on later and have a roadmap to use for travel.

Enhanceing the Experience

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Save tournaments on separate lists to compare.

Sign Up icon

Sign Up

Go to the tournament's official page to register.

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My Tour

When your season is official, you can share it with your peers.

Later Versions

Providing more services for the players.

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Tour Owner Controls

Tour Manager's can host tournaments on our app and get important data on attendies.

Profiles and Tools

Professional Golfers can make their schedule public for their fans to follow. Also they can connect to other players, owners, and service providers alike.

Picture Profile Card with event windows for that player.
Icons of other golf services.

Player Services

Beyond tournaments, players can connect to services on the road such as medical, physical training, and housing.

Interface Design

Development Solutions

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